About Us

Panda Heart Publishing, Inc.

Panda Heart Publishing was created to unleash the "Yin Spirit" within us all. "Yin Spirit" is defined as sharing the heart of our humanity with the world. Panda Heart Publishing is dedicated to achieving this goal and all of our products are designed for this purpose.

Panda Heart Publishing is proud to announce our "Zero Bullies For All Kids" campaign to eliminate bullying behavior from our youth.

"ZERO BULLIES FOR ALL KIDS" is the mission of this anti-bullying campaign, which was created to counteract the rampant bullying behavior now occurring among our youth.

It is our belief that in order to create a truly bully-free environment, it is critical to teach our children the appropriate alternative behaviors that are the antithesis to bullying.

The most beautiful aspect of who we are as the human species is seen when we express our humanity, which is found within our hearts. Appropriate behaviors can be cultivated and nourished in our children, as they find and share the gifts of their hearts, their "Yin Spirit".

"When the heart speaks, bullying cannot exist."

Panda Heart Publishing takes the stand: "That all children experience their hearts as the core and essence of who they are and to know their own humanity."

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