Suzanne Mulcahy Suzanne Mulcahy, has been a school psychologist for over 30 years, a Director of Special Education, an administrator of several federal projects within schools, and authored a curriculum entitled, "Catch Bullying Behavior Before It Begins", which includes a children’s picture book for the social and emotional development of young children. She has also developed a character education curriculum for middle school and high school students entitled, "Teen Vision". In each of these roles, she has done many presentations and teacher trainings.

Ms. Mulcahy’s passion is to replace bullying behavior, among our youth, with their actions of the heart. She has taken the following stand:

"That all children experience the core and essence of who they are, and to know their own humanity."

All of her educational material is designed to achieve this goal.

As National Chairperson for the Interracial Sisterhood Project, she gave a speech before The United Nations at a forum entitled: "Global Perspectives to End Racial Discrimination".

Patty O'Rourke Patty O'Rourke combines her years of experience in the arts with the digital world. A native San Franciscan, devoted to a love of natural beauty, she integrates her vibrant paintings on canvas with her rich, photographic images.
                      Mother, grandmother and artist, serving as director of several art affiliations, Patty began an art company, known as The Fine Art of Giclée, producing museum quality giclées, limited editions, and art greeting cards. With the experienced eye of the artist, Patty strives to uplift the spirit of the viewer.