"A great book, with wonderful illustrations and good, encouraging messages, without being the least bit preachy. I especially loved the parts about being yourself and being capable of both possessing and giving love. I also like the fact that the author justifies and encourages children to show "all" of their feelings, that feelings of fear, anger and sadness are portrayed as natural (for, happiness, gladness, fear, anger, love etc. are all part of one's spiritual makeup)."
--Five Star Review from Goodreads 2/20/12

"My son has made a new friend... In the form of a panda bear!

Before our move, I received a Twitter message from Suzanne Mulcahy, author of the Who Am I? childrens book. She had seen pictures of my boys and offered to send my youngest a Gund Panda Bear with a yellow back pack in which he carries his own story book, as well as a larger copy of the book for my oldest boys. The panda, quickly became a favorite in our household! He traveled the entire 650 miles to our new home on the lap of my youngest boy. Since then, he has spent many nights wrapped up in a bear hug and many days being toted around the house and to various locations around town. In fact, he's probably the only Gund Panda Bear to ever visit our local Petco!

The Panda's backpack is the perfect size for and carries a smaller version of the "Who Am I?" book. It's a story of a young panda discovering who he is and what makes him so special. It's an adorable book with a positive message. We've read it several times while waiting at the bus stop or in line at the grocery store. It's been a great form of distraction and entertainment for my busy toddler. Thank you, Suzanne, for gifting my boys with such a beautiful book!"
--Billie, Bugs and Snails website 3/02/12

"Sometimes the most difficult part of life is the part where I have to say to myself, “It’s okay, Ebony. You are perfect the way you are.” There are moments when I feel like beating myself up over something I said or did. But that is life; there are ups and downs, highs and lows. Through it all, I am who I am, and that is all good.

I came face to face with this truth after reading Suzanne Mulcahy’s children’s book, Who Am I? Yin is a young panda bear who is discovering who he is – his personality, his likes and dislikes, his different moods and his thoughts. “I think about many things. Sometimes I think about my family…Sometimes I think about food. Are my thoughts part of me?” Yin is learning that he is multidimensional. He is fascinated with the many layers of his being.

Yin is most fascinated with the most important aspect of his existence – his heart. “Your heart is full of love. It has all your Special Gifts that you can give to others.” Giving love will make Yin’s heart shine. In the end, Yin celebrates himself. He celebrates his personality, his special gifts, and all the love that he can give to others.

Mulcahy does a wonderful job of reminding us that we all are love, and that the best part of being love is spreading it effortlessly. Who Am I will encourage and inspire you to embrace who you are, be patient with who you are, and most importantly, to love who you are."
--Five Star Review from Goodreads 2/18/12

"The book, Who Am I?, because of its explicit Illustrations and simple words, Who Am I? captures the attention of children with severe language deficits, and assists them to understand the true meaning of how they feel."
--Pre-School Special Education Teacher

"Early Childhood Educators will be delighted with the impact of this book on their students. It is a beautiful, heart warming story and it enables very young children to have an introduction to emotional learning."
--Faculty, Skyline College Early Childhood Department

"The Book: Who Am I? has become a part of my early childhood book collection. My students have had the opportunity to listen to the story of "Yin", the young character in the book and they are beginning to understand who they are when they relate to the story as they connect their real life expiriences to the real world."
--Teacher & Workshop Presenter, Early Childhood Language Development Institute of San Mateo County

"My grand daughter won't go to sleep without "Yin" by her side."
-- Lynne Twist, U.N. Woman of Distinction, Author, and Grandmother

"Thank you so much for blessing my little ones with this book."

"My granddaughters loved your book. And as I read it with them, it opened the space for us to explore who they were as girls. unique little The wonderful illustrations, the teddy bear and back pack all added to the cuddly feel of the message that we are all special in our own way. Thank you for the glorious time we spent sharing and enjoying each other and our special gifts."
--Terry McBride, Author, Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter

"Who Am I? is a wonderful children's book about love and friendship. The beautiful pictures add to the message of feelings and awareness. I so appreciate being able to share this book in our school library."
--School Librarian

"Who Am I? provides an excellent instructional tool for teaching young children our core values and is presented in a way that is easily understood by children during their formitive years."
--Sharon Yniguez, Principal